Sly Stone claiming social security and living in cheap hotels?

New documentary also claims he was working on new material with Michael Jackson

Sly Stone is allegedly claiming social security and living in cheap hotels, according to a new documentary about the revered soul singer.

‘Coming Back for More’ by Dutch filmmaker Willem Alkema alleges that Stone has been forced to claim benefits after his manager Jerry Goldstein refused him access to his royalties.

A trailer for ‘Coming Back for More’ was uploaded to YouTube – though it has now been removed.


Alkema‘s film suggests that Stone signed a deal with Goldstein in the late ’80s, whereby the manager acquired the rights to Stone‘s music and paid him a fixed wage.

Goldstein has since “turned off the tap” of wages according to the trailer due to a “debt agreement”, reports The Guardian. As a result, Stone has been forced to live off social security.

Stone reportedly “lacks the funds to engage a lawyer to proceed his case”, the documentary explains.

Alkema‘s film also states that Stone had been working on songs for Michael Jackson‘s new album before the self-styled king of pop’s death in June.

‘Coming Back for More’ is due to be released this autumn.