Billy Corgan working on ‘spiritual memoir’ autobiography

Singer's book is scheduled for release next year

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has revealed that he’s currently writing his autobiography.

The singer/guitarist has claimed that his book, God Is Everywhere, From Here To There will focus on both his personal life and his time with the band. He said he’s already written 300 pages of what he describes as his “spiritual memoir”, and plans to release it next year.

Talking to Rolling Stone he explained: “It’s a very interesting take inside my personal life and my band life. I’ve decided to write this on my own, which is complete insanity. I try to spend an hour a day on the book, which is the time I would usually put towards music writing. So that means I have to find that hour, because I won’t give up that music writing time. It’s a journey, for sure.”

Corgan also said that the book would consist of entirely new material, in reference to controversial posts he published on MySpace in 2005 which detailed abuse he suffered as a child. “It’s totally fresh material,” he said. “When I started talking about child abuse stuff, and people started saying, ‘You have no right to talk about that stuff,’ it was a total turn-off. Because people start saying, ‘Well, my dad ripped my arm off, so you can’t talk.’ Well, I’m just talking about my journey. I apologise that I didn’t get beat more.”

Earlier this month Corgan – who is also working on two new albums, ‘Oceania’ and ‘Teargarden’ as well as reissuing the band’s back catalogue – insisted that he will “never reform” the band’s original line-up.