Smashing Pumpkins reunited with guitarist James Iha for first time in 16 years

Founder member left group in 2000

Smashing Pumpkins founder member James Iha reunited with the band for the first time since 2000 last night (March 26).

Iha last performed with Billy Corgan nearly 16 years ago with the pair enduring a strained relationship after the original line-up of the band split at the turn of the century. However, any ill-will was forgotten at a Los Angeles gig on Saturday when the guitarist joined his former bandmates to play a selection of songs from their 1993 album ‘Siamese Dream’.

Alternative Nation reports that during The Smashing Pumpkins’ set, guitarist Jeff Schroeder left the stage and was replaced by Iha. Corgan said, “Yes, it’s James Iha.” to a crowd who were said to be in a “Frenzy”.

Drummer Jimmy Chamberlin then came on stage, with Jeff Schroeder also reappearing with current touring members Katie Cole and Sierra Swan. Together the band played ‘Mayonaise,’ ‘Soma,’ ‘Rocket,’ ‘Spaceboy,’ ‘Today,’ ‘Whir,’ and ‘Disarm.’

Iha later reappeared for the encore, where Billy surprised him with a birthday cake and a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ on the day he turned 48.

Corgan and Iha recently reunited as the original Smashing Pumpkins line up take legal action against whoever is found responsible for recently leaked old demos.

Original drummer Jimmy Chamberlin reunited with his former bandmates last year.

Smashing Pumpkins are currently on their ‘In Plainsong’ tour. Once the tour is finished, the band are expected to return to the studio to record the follow up to 2014 album ‘Monuments To An Elegy’.