The Welsh rockers are on the way back - and they've thrown in a bit of disco...

MANIC STREET PREACHERS have almost finished mixing their new album and plan to release it by the end of February or March, according to frontman JAMES DEAN BRADFIELD.

Speaking in this week’s Melody Maker, he revealed that the band have achieved their dream of doing a disco track: “Myself and Nick have always wanted to do a kind of swish disco number. We tried that thing before, but it didn’t really come off. But it really has this time.”

He added that it was doing the TV show ‘All Back To Mine’, where he confessed that the first single he ever bought was ‘My Old Piano’ by Diana Ross, inspired him to get into the groove.


In the last year, the band have been recording sporadically and have now written almost 30 songs. “It’s just been stretched over a long period of time! The only thing that was difficult about it was the sheer volume of songs we had. They all sound absolutely perfect.”

He dismissed speculation that a new single will be released in January called ‘Fidel’ as “bollocks – absolute rubbish!” and added: “We haven’t got any confirmed titles yet! We’ve never done a

song called that. It’s a good idea, though – perhaps we’ll write one more song

for the album to exceed your expectations!”

He also said the Manics would have to be “dense and stupid” to name the new album ‘Give ‘Em Enough Rope’ in homage to The Clash, as had also been rumoured.

And he described himself as “like a cut-price, Welsh Joe Pesci” in the John Cale-scored documentary ‘Beautiful Mistake’, in which he performs an acoustic version of ‘Ready For Drowning’. As previously revealed exclusively on NME.COM, the film also includes performances from Cerys Matthews, Super Furry Animals Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci. It will be released in the UK next year.


To read the full James Dean Bradfield interview, see this week’s issue of Melody Maker, on sale in London today (December 5) and the rest of the UK tomorrow.