All the songs and all the drama on a night of high emotion in Chicago...

Reports have been coming in to NME.COM from the Smashing Pumpkins‘ emotional farewell show at the tiny CHICAGO METRO club on Saturday night (December 2).

As previously reported when NME.COM brought the first reactions from the gig yesterday, the show lasted for more than four hours and had drawn fans from as far afield as New Zealand, Canada and Europe.

As he faced the final curtain, Corgan wept onstage as the final song in the epic set, ‘Silverfuck’ ended. It was the climax of a show which had seen several guest appearances , and, according to one eyewitness, Rick Smith, the venue was buzzing with rumours that Bono and Anthony Keidis from Red Hot Chili Peppers would join the band onstage, but neither appeared. Butch Vig was, however, spotted in the audience. Corgan repeatedly thanked departed bassist D’Arcy Wretzky, who contrary to rumour prior to the show made no appearance for the band’s final fling.


The set was divided into three “Acts”, which were broken up by a clown wandering across the stage and holding up signs such as “we hope you have enjoyed the show” and “please be patient while we rearrange the stage.” The set-list as provided by Rick Smith was:



‘I Am One’




‘Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans’

‘The Everlasting Gaze’

‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’


‘Blessed But Gone’

‘To Sheila’


‘I of the Mourning’

Two members of band The Frogs, Jimmy and Denis Flemion, and a friend of Corgan‘s introduced as Linda joined the band on stage during this section of the set.



‘Stand Inside Your Love’


‘This Time’


‘The Last Song’

‘Last Instrumental’

‘Age of Innocence’

Filter‘s Matt Walker joined the band, who played this section of the set acoustically, on stage on drums while Jimmy Chamberlain played bongos. Corgan and James Iha performed ‘Go’ alone, and ‘Stand Inside Your Love’ was dedicated to Corgan‘s girlfriend, Sue.


‘Tonight, Tonight’


‘Fuck You’



‘Is there a God?’

‘Cash Car’

‘Rock On / Heavy Metal’



‘For Martha’

‘Born Under A Bad Sign’


‘Cherub Rock’

‘Ava Adore’






Corgan played ‘Disarm’ solo on acoustic guitar, while Chamberlain took up the guitar to play ‘1979’, with Matt Walker once again on drums.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick played guitar on ‘Cherub Rock’ and Billy Corgan Snr played guitar on ‘For Martha’ and sang lead vocals on ‘Born Under A Bad Sign’.

During the extended version of set-closer ‘Silverfuck’, bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur appeared to lose her place and, laughing, looked towards Corgan for direction.

Through the set, Corganthanked his family, the band members, D’Arcy and all the band’s enemies for constantly pushing the band to improve themselves, and after saying his thank-yous, he lit a white candle.

Co-owner of the 1,100 capacity Metro Joe Shanahan came onto the stage and urged the crowd to voice their appreciation for the band, and after breaking down in tears as he stood on the stage alone at the end of ‘Silverfuck’, Corgan left the stage to a hug from Shanahan.

Earlier, Shanahan had given two fans from Michigan – who were sobbing outside the venue after being ripped off by ticket touts, paying $2,000 for a pair of fakes – a pair of tickets for the show.

There are also reports that several fans outside the venue were given free tickets after the band had been on stage for about an hour, and speakers were placed outside so that those keeping vigil could hear the show.

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