Smashing Pumpkins’ Corgan speaks on Virgin lawsuit

Billy Corgan says label 'do not have the right' to use their name

Smashing PumpkinsBilly Corgan has spoken about the lawsuit the band have filed against their former label Virgin.

The group, who reformed last year after seven years away, are suing the label for allowing their name to be used in a promotion with and Pepsi.

Speaknig to Billboard, Corgan said: “I’m sure they indicated to Pepsi that the had a right to do this, full well knowing they do not have the right.”

The lawsuit claims that Virgin have ‘irreparably harmed the group, their reputation and goodwill with their fans’.

Virgin and Smashing Pumpkins are reportedly partners in the ownership of the band’s back catalogue, but Corgan claims he and his band members have the right to veto any deals of this manner.

The frontman added: “You’re going to see more of this playing fast and loose with the rules, hoping they don’t get caught. At face value, it’s not a large deal. But in terms of precedent it is, because there will be much more of this coming.”

Corgan also said that he has made offers to buy the band’s catalogue back from Virgin, but he explained that they are not keen to enter into discussion.

He admitted: “They wouldn’t put a number on it. They’ve atrophied the catalogue down so low that they probably hope we’ll crawl back and ask for cash.”