Smashing Pumpkins sue label over band name usage

Billy Corgan takes legal action against Virgin Records

Smashing Pumpkins are suing their former record label, Virgin Records, claiming that the label used the band name in promotional activities when it had no right to do so.

According to Billy Corgan and co, Virgin used their Smashing Pumpkins band name in a promotion tie-in called Pepsi Stuff, despite not being legally allowed to use it for promotional activities.

The lawsuit filed by the band claims the label had the rights to sell digital downloads of the band’s music, but not to use their name for promotional activities. They claimed that Virgin’s actions compromised their “artistic integrity”, reports AP.

Smashing Pumpkins left the label when they disbanded in 2000, and have been with Reprise Records, a division of Warners, since they rebanded in 2005.