Smashing Pumpkins to give live DVD UK release

'If All Goes Wrong' is out in December

Smashing Pumpkins are to release their first live DVD package in the UK

‘If All Goes Wrong’, which is released in the US next month (November 11), will hit the shelves in the UK on December 1.

The package contains a 105-minute documentary as well as footage from the band’s 11-night residency at the Filmore Auditorium in San Francisco in July and August 2007.

The set also includes ‘Voices Of The Ghost Children’, a featurette about the band’s fans, and an interview with The Who‘s Pete Townshend.

The DVD’s tracklisting is as follows:

Disc 1

‘If All Goes Wrong’ documentary

‘Voices Of The Ghost Children’ featurette

Interview with The Who guitarist Pete Townshend

Disc 2

The Fillmore Residency

‘The Rose March’

‘Peace + Love’

’99 Floors’


‘Lucky 13’


‘Death From Above’

‘The Crying Tree Of Mercury’


‘Heavy Metal Machine’


‘No Surrender’



Bonus tracks: Live From The Floor Of The Fillmore

’99 Floors’

‘Peace + Love’

‘No Surrender’


‘Promise Me’

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