Smashing Pumpkins discuss new album

It's 'sounding fantastic' says comeback band

Smashing Pumpkins have revealed details of their long-awaited comeback album.

Drummer Jimmy Chamberlin has spoken about the progress of the record, the as-yet untitled follow up to 2000’s ‘MACHINA: The Machines Of God’.

On the Smashing Pumpkins Myspace page the drummer blogged about how the recording sessions were going.

Chamberlin wrote: “Great things are on track for the future. As some of you know we are indeed creating music again. Music that comes from a place so pure it will burn the lies off the very souls of those who try to discount it.

“We have arrived at a place in our lives where truth and honesty prevail and we are creating from that place.”

The drummer added that the group have worked on some tracks with Queen producer Roy Thomas Baker.

“Working with RTB was not only an honour but also one of the best musical experiences we have ever had,” he explained. “We are currently working with Terry Date (Pantera, Soundgarden) and that is going great as well.

“The universe has a way of letting you know that things are right by introducing people like RTB and Terry into the fold. It’s all part of one big cosmic journey, in so that everyone reading this is hitching their silver chord to the Great Pumpkin Space Train! Hope this helps clear some things up for you.”

Aside from Chamberlin and leader Billy Corgan, it is not clear yet whether the other original members – guitarist James Iha and bassist D’arcy Wretzky – will be involved. Wretzky was replaced by Melissa Auf der Maur in the last incarnation of the band – there has been no word from her whether she will be taking part either.