The former Smashing Pumpkins star reveals the record is very nearly finished...

Former SMASHING PUMPKINS vocalist BILLY CORGAN has completed work on his solo debut album, and says it will be released in the spring.

Produced by Corgan and Nitzer Ebb’s Ben Harris, the 15-track album is currently being mixed by Alan Moulder, who has worked previously with Corgan on Pumpkins’s albums.

“I am happy to report that my album is finished and we are now in the mixing stage for the next three weeks,” Corgan wrote on [url=]billycorgan.com. “As of right now we are set to release in the spring…spring seems a long way away sitting her right now, but time flies when you are me so it shouldn’t be that long. I am very excited about the album as I feel I have created something relatively fresh and vibrant and exciting to my ears. I know that I like it and that makes me smile.”


Corgan, who has just released ‘Blinking With Fists’, his first book of poetry, has also begun work on his first novel, which will be published by Faber And Faber.

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