Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan hits out at the creators of Twitter and Facebook

Singer also claims the only people who benefit are celebrities such as Kim Kardashian

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has hit out at social media sites and said they “shot the people in the head who made them”.

The singer quit Twitter last year and in an interview with Chicago TV personality Jennifer Weigel, he claims the only people who benefit from it are celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

“What a Kim Kardashian brings to a Twitter is worth more than four hundred people with the same amount of followers,” he explained. “So they take what a Kim Kardashian brings to a Twitter. Now in Kim Kardashian’s case, she can turn that and sell cosmetics or a clothing branding or whatever.


“But for people in the middle, I would put people like us, like you and me, in the middle, we don’t get that same exchange. We can’t turn around and get a shoe deal because we are tweeting something. So in essence, Twitter and other social media platforms take and take from something that I build.”


He also said that he sat down with his former band mate Jimmy Chamberlin and calculated that for every hundred followers, the band only sold one record, going on to describe it as a “poor business model”. You can watch footage of the interview below.

Corgan added: “Smashing Pumpkins currently have four million likes on Facebook. So, if you’re checking my site everyday and I post something like, ‘Hey, I took my dog for a walk’ and a little picture, you’ll see it but the other 3.99 million people won’t because they’re not visiting it everyday.

“So what Facebook wants you to do is ‘boost your posts’ or, this is where we get into dumbland, do really dumb stuff. So that you click on it and you click on it and you click on it, so then it goes viral. So you create a culture where idiocy reigns and rules, not quality. I’m not saying anything radical. So you’re creating a social ecosystem that rewards being inane.”

Meanwhile, Corgan recently revealed a new track ‘Roustabout’, originally written for his band, but now released as a theme song for American wrestling show Impact.