And he doesn't play any Smashing Pumpkins or Zwan songs...

Ex-SMASHING PUMPKINS and [a][/a] frontman BILLY CORGAN performed his first solo gig this week.

Corgan played a sold-out show in Chicago’s Metro on Monday (April 20), performing 15 songs.

Playing for 90 minutes, Corgan thanked the audience in between songs, saying: “It’s been a real honour and pleasure to play these songs for the first time in public,” reports Billboard.

The gig was recorded and will be released as a DVD due for release later in the year.

The full set list ran:

‘The World’s Fair’

‘Black Irish’

‘Black Sox’

‘Friends As Lovers’

‘Say Goodbye’

‘Prairie Song’

‘Bobby Franks’

‘White Lights’


‘White City’



‘Bad Driver’

‘For Your Love’

‘Matthew Selah’