The ex-Smashing Pumpkin walks after fans shout for songs by his former band…

BILLY CORGAN stormed offstage during a gig last night in MELBOURNE (July 26).

The ex-Smashing Pumpkins singer was performing at the city’s Palais Theatre when fans began shouting for songs by his former band.

According to one audience member yelled “Play some Pumpkins” before Corgan retorted “Can I live my life for today?”


A fan claimed that someone else later yelled “We want rock” and the singer told him to ask for his money back.

Nearing the close of the gig, another request for Smashing Pumpkins songs led Corgan to say “Fuck this”, and put his microphone down before walking offstage.

Corgan is currently in the middle of his Australian tour, which hits Sydney’s Enmore Theatre tonight (July 27).

As previously reported on NME.COM, Corgan made public last month his intention to reform Smashing Pumpkins.

Former drummer Jimmy Chamberlain has expressed his support of the idea.