The former Smashing Pumpkin stars as a wig-wearing doctor in Jonas Ackerlund's debut movie...

BILLY CORGAN is to make a cameo appearance as a wig-wearing doctor in video director JONAS ACKERLUND’s debut movie.

Corgan, who wrote the film’s soundtrack at the request of Ackerlund, requested a role in ‘Spun’ in return for providing the music.

“We had worked together before many times, so I gave him the script because I wanted to see what he thought about it,” Ackerlund said. “And he came back and said, ‘I’ll do the music.’ So I said, ‘OK.’ But he had one condition. He wanted a role in the movie, so he’s got a brief scene where he’s this doctor under this wig.”

Ackerlund added that Corgan’s music was essential to the film, which stars John Leguizamo, Mickey Rourke, Brittany Murphy and Debbie Harry. “His music really added to the overall impression. The weaknesses I have in the film, he helped with his music.”

The director also criticised MTV for failing to support new music: “It’s harder than ever to be different and get your video on MTV. MTV was supposed to be, like, this new media, showing new bands breaking through, but now advertising is running it.”

Corgan’s new outfit Zwan make their UK debut at London Shepherds Bush Empire on February 12, following the release of their ‘Mary Star Of The Sea’ album on January 28.