Billy Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin join Bozo and Wizzo The Wizzard onstage...

SMASHING PUMPKINS frontman BILLY CORGAN has been reunited with drummer JIMMY CHAMBERLIN for a rendition of BOB DYLAN‘s ‘FOREVER YOUNG’ in honour of US kids’ TV hero BOZO THE CLOWN.

Sharing the stage with three other musicians and Wizzo The Wizard, they performed the song on Tuesday (June 12) at the filming of the final episode of the hit show, which started in the 60s, titled ‘Bozo: 40 Years Of Fun’.

Bozo, who was invented by Capitol Records executive Alan W Livingston and Corgan are both natives of Chicago, and the singer revealed to mtv.com that he had been in the audience as a child. “I was actually here on my 11th birthday. Nothing has changed. We were in rehearsal yesterday just watching and … childhood memories are obscure, but certain things will really trigger them. Watching the videotape and hearing the music, all these cobwebs were coming off.”


He added that the Smashing Pumpkins once talked about coming on the show, and called producers to offer “anything you need” when he heard they were having a last blast.

“I said anything you need, I would love to be a part, even if it’s just introducing a segment. We talked about it and the idea of a song came up.”

Bozo mistakenly introduced Corgan as “the singer of one of the world’s most popular bands – Billy Coogan,” finally getting it right third time.

Corgan and Chamberlin’s band was completed by ex-Urge Overkill bassist Eddie Roeser, Yum Yum guitarist Christ Holmes and a keyboardist called Linda Strawberry, who Corgan introduced as “a solo artist from Utah”.

The show will be aired on cable channel WGN on July 14.