Djali Zwan concentrates on the former Smashing Pumpkins star's more acoustic side...

Former SMASHING PUMPKINS frontman BILLY CORGAN returned to rock this year with ZWAN – and now he’s set to head to the studio with his other new band DJALI ZWAN.

The band features Zwan members Corgan, Matt Sweeney, David Pajo, Paz Lechantin and Jimmy Chamberlin, but discards the electric epics for acoustic folk songs.

The group started playing as a quartet in 2001, but have now recruited cellist, Anna Lechantin. They are set to release a CD and DVD in early 2004.


Corgan told Rolling Stone that the new band allows him to indulge in traditional forms of music, something he said he wasn’t able to do with Smashing Pumpkins.

He said: ” The songs for Djali Zwan are more folk-driven, rooted in traditional music. I don’t want to compromise veins of material to fit into an electric band, which I often did in the Pumpkins. With Djali Zwan, I can write an acoustic song and not worry how it’s going to stand up against some rock epic.”

Corgan said some of the Djali Zwan tracks – ‘Friends and Lovers’ and ‘Love Lies in Ruins’ – grew from gospel and folk music he adapted while still playing in the Smashing Pumpkins.

Zwan’s debut album Mary Star of the Sea was released in February.

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