'Hut Recordings 1991 - 2001' celebrates, as the name suggests, ten years of the label...

SMASHING PUMPKINS, DAVID GRAY, THE VERVE, EMBRACE and GOMEZ are among the artists featured on a compilation celebrating ten years of the record label HUT RECORDINGS.

The bands, all signed to Hut at some point in their careers, have contributed material to the record, titled ‘Hut Recordings 1991 – 2001’. The album is released on July 2.

Hut, owned by Virgin Records, was launched in 1990 by the major as an outlet for “alternative” music. Throughout the 90s, the label’s other successes included The Auteurs, who donate ‘Lenny Valentino’, and Placebo, who donate their classic single ‘Nancy Boy’.


The tracklisting for the record is:

Smashing Pumpkins – ‘I Am One’

David Gray – ‘Wisdom’

The Auteurs – ‘Lenny Valentino’

McAlmont & Butler – ‘Yes’

The Verve – ‘History’


Whale – ‘Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe’

Placebo – ‘Nancy Boy’

Embrace – ‘All You Good Good People’

Gomez – ‘Whippin’ Piccadilly’

Hobotalk – ‘Lately More Than Ever’

Richard Ashcroft – ‘Brave New World’

Crackout – ‘Mr Rabies’

The Burn – ‘Facing the Music’

The Music – ‘Take the Long Road And Walk It’

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