Initial copies of 'Rotten Apples' come with a bonus CD packed with rarities and B-sides...

SMASHING PUMPKINS have confirmed final details of their Greatest Hits album ‘ROTTEN APPLES’.

‘Rotten Apples’ is released on November 19 via Hut. As previously reported, initial copies of the album will be released as a limited edition, two-CD package that will include the ‘Rotten Apples’ disc as well a second album titled ‘Judas O’.

‘Judas O’ will feature B-sides and rarities from the band’s ‘Melon Collie And The Infinite Sadness’, ‘Adore’, and ‘MACHINA/The Machines Of God’ album sessions.

The tracklisting for both CDs runs:

‘Rotten Apples’:




‘Cherub Rock’

‘Today ‘


‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’



‘Tonight, Tonight’


‘Ava Adore’


‘The Everlasting Gaze’

‘Stand Inside Your Love’

‘Try, Try, Try’

‘Real Love’

‘Untitled’ (new track)

‘Judas O’:

‘Lucky 13’

‘Aeroplane Flies High’

‘Because You Are’

‘Slow Dawn’


‘My Mistake’

‘Marquis in Spades’

‘Here’s to the Atom Bomb’




‘Rock On’

‘Set the Ray’


‘Soot and Stars’

‘Blissed and Gone’

A DVD is likely to accompany the release of the album.