Billy Corgan marks the band's last ever European show by dealing with the issue of salvation in an absolutely remarkable rant...

A polemic penned by SMASHING PUMPKINS vocalist BILLY CORGAN at the band’s last European show at the DUBLIN OLYMPIA has been displayed on the Internet, NME.COM can reveal.

The four-page document penned by Corgan was given to Irish concert promoters MCD before the show on November 6, and according to their website, [url=]www.mcd.ie, Corgan: “gave the message to pass on as one of the band’s final statements”.

The statement claims to be “Chapter six in a series of missives designed to speak directly to your heart on an issue most important to you – your salvation!”


As well as dealing with the issue of salvation, Corgan writes about the materialistic nature of the world. He writes: “Everywhere you look are reminders of a material world. It does not care about you. Why do you feel too big too small, too fat or too skinny, or are you too light or not dark enough?

“Friends, where do you think these ideas come from? Why, a culture and civilisation that makes money on our differences to exploit what we want the most – to belong!!! Let me tell you that you already do belong, for the I of the radio made us all different on purpose, so that no two should be a like.”

To see pictures of the letter and read the full text, [url=]Click here…

To end the polemic, Corgan claims “Chapter 7” will follow in the near future.

The band are scheduled to play their final two shows in the US at the Chicago United Centre Arena (November 29) and Metro club (December 2).

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