Billy Corgan's crew suing Ozzy's wife Sharon Osbourne for $150,000...

THE SMASHING PUMPKINS are suing their ex-manager SHARON OSBOURNE, claiming she owes them a $150,000 advance paid to her before she quit working with them.

Osbourne, wife of Ozzy, famously fell out with the band earlier this year after just a short reign as manager. She said at the time: “I’m resigning for medical reasons: Billy Corgan makes me sick.”

The Pumpkins filed a suit against Osbourne in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday (February 22), claiming Osbourne’s decision to quit was ill-timed and: “portrays a vindictive attempt to damage the group both emotionally and professionally.”

The suit continues: “rather than admit that she has simply taken money which is not hers, Osbourne has conjured absurd expenses as a claimed ‘offset’ against misappropriated funds.

“Only a court can return Osbourne to her senses and force her to understand that one can’t simply taken other people’s money.”

The band’s new album ‘MACHINA/the machines of God’ is released through Virgin on Monday.