Hear Billy Corgan & Co's new song here on nme.com...

Smashing Pumpkins are debuting a brand new track on the internet called ‘The Everlasting Gaze’ – and you can hear it first here on nme.com.

The track is the taste of their forthcoming new album ‘MACHINA/the machines of God’, out February 28 on Hut.

And from this Monday until 4 Jan people, you can download the song here.


Lyrics include: ‘You know I’m, you know I’m not dead/I’m just living in my head/Forever waiting on the ways of your desire/You always found your way/And through it all, into us all you move/Found below, the creatures scream/Stranglehold of god machines/Begin to tear us out/What is hell?

After the net release of ‘The Everlasting Gaze’, the first single to hit the shops from the Pumpkins new album – which nme.com has been told is “more rocky” than ‘Adore’ – will be ‘Stand Inside Your Love’, released next month.

[url=]Click here to download the Media player.

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