It's got a happy ending - and you can read it here...

BILLY CORGAN has written the final chapter in the SMASHING PUMPKINS ‘ history, explaining the “happy ending” for the group in a polemic via the band’s official website.

The 500-word statement on [url=]www.smashing describes Corgan’s last ten years with the Pumpkins as “a million miles, a few smiles, and a pocketful of tears…all of it earned”. He speaks of the band’s “body” being “ravaged” but its “spirit translucent and very much alive”.

Elsewhere, Corgan implies that following the band’s last live performance in Chicago on December 2, the Pumpkins found “a peace they had all waited for for so long”. He writes: “So at the last chord, in the last fade of sound, a stillness came and a peace they had all waited for for so long. One could dream that they would know what they would want now, and with good honour may our hero forge ahead…with love on your side anything is possible, even love. All wounds would hope to heal, the machines could stand down and sing their singsong whir to the wind, trees, and mother earth…it was a good day, and the night will hold quiet.”


To read the statement in full, [url=]Click here…

Corgan has also attempted to sketch a diagram, explaining the concept behind the band’s last commercial album ‘MACHINA/The Machines Of God’. To see the sketch, [url=]Click here…

Last November, following the band’s last European show at the Dublin Olympia, Corgan penned a four-page document which he gave to an Irish concert promoter to pass on to fans as “one of the band’s final statements”.

That statement claimed to be “Chapter six in a series of missives designed to speak directly to your heart on an issue most important to you – your salvation.” This latest letter is thought to be the closing chapter in the series.

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