The former Smashing Pumpkins singer is said to be writing songs with Faithfull for her new album...

Ex-SMASHING PUMPKINS singer BILLY CORGAN is rumoured to be collaborating with MARIANNE FAITHFULL on her forthcoming album, NME.COM can reveal.

A source close to the project told NME.COM today (March 1) that Corgan, who has remained out of the public eye since the split of the Smashing Pumpkins last year, is writing with Faithfull on her as-yet-untitled new album.

It is currently unclear whether he will sing on any of the songs, but Faithfull is said to be seeking a number of people to work with her on the record.


Beck has already committed to the project, and is planning to spend time in a US studio with Faithfull to work on a number of songs. Eurythmics guitarist Dave Stewart is also rumoured to be interested.

According to [url=], both Corgan and Faithfull are on the bill for a charity gig at the Chicago Metro on March 22. The show, which will benefit local homeless youth, will see each artist playing a handful of songs with a house band.

Faithfull has collaborated with other groups in the recent past, including Metallica, providing vocals on their 1997 single ‘The Memory Remains’.

In other news, Corgan also features on a new live album by legendary rockers Cheap Trick. The record, ‘Silver’, celebrates their 25th anniversary. The album was recorded at a ‘Silver Anniversary Homecoming’ concert in Illinois and attended by 15,000 people. The record is available via the band’s website at [url=]

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