Sacked drummer Chamberlain picks up sticks again for tour...

JIMMY CHAMBERLAIN joined Smashing Pumpkins onstage at their show in Detroit on Saturday night.

In a posting on the band’s new revamped website, Billy Corgan posted a statement which read

james, d’arcy, and i are proud to announce the return of jimmy to the bandthis will be our first show in almost 3 yearsso being that we’re a little nervous we thought we’d broadcast it to the worldwe’ve been rehearsing and writing like crazyat present we have about 24 songs that we’re considering for the album, with another 10 or 12 waiting in b-side heaventhe sound? let’s just say it rocks”


Chamberlain is officially back in the band after being sacked following the death of Pumpkins touiring keyboards player Jonathan Melvoin in 1996 – he and Chamberlain had been using heroin together.

Billy Corgan has also just finished work on the soundtrack for the film ‘Stigmata’, which will star Gabriel Byrne and Patricia Arquette and is set for a June release.

The new Pumpkins album – which will be a single album despite the fact that they have 40 songs – will be released in September this year.