The frontman confirms that it really is the end for the band - it'll give him more time to watch football...

SMASHING PUMPKINS frontman BILLY CORGAN has insisted that there is no possibility of the band ever reforming.

Speaking in this week’s Melody Maker, he said: “We feel pretty solid about breaking up – I don’t think it’s gonna be three years and get back together. So I do look at it with finality.”

Speaking in America last week, shortly before the band’s farewell gigs in Chicago, he said admitted that the band “never really felt comfortable” in Britain, and faced an uphill struggle, made worse by his “big mouth.”


But he did reveal that he’s a big footie fan, which is what prompted him to wear a Manchester United shirt and the band to play their encores dressed as Posh and Becks at their Manchester gig on Halloween: “I’m a big Beckham fan. I know not a lot of Americans watch a lot of soccer, but I do, and I think he’s unbelievable.”

He said his interest in the football culture of the city goes back to 1996, when a joke about Man U backfired. “I said something about James (Iha) having something to do with Manchester United’s success, and everybody started booing. I was so stupid, because I didn’t realise there aren’t any Manchester United fans in Manchester. So they fucking booed and I said, ‘Oh, sorry, who am I supposed to say?’ and in unison, like a bunch of Nazis, they all went, ‘Man

City!’ So I remembered that in the back of my head and I thought, ‘Great, if I

come out as Beckham for Halloween they’re definitely gonna boo.”

In the interview, he dismissed his former manager, Sharon Osbourne, who parted company with the band acrimoniously earlier this year, as “a fucking idiot and a pathological liar,” adding: “God help Ozzy for putting up with her for all these years.”

And he described the theory that pop music, as perpetuated by Britney Spears had “killed” the Smashing Pumpkins as “ridiculous,” even though he has previously commented: “It’s really hard to keep trying to fight the good fight against the Britneys


of the world.”

He said: “It’s incredibly inane for anyone to believe that a band that’s been together for 13 years and has survived God knows how many trends, that pop music has been the thing that’s killed it. That’s ridiculous. The Smashing Pumpkins killed the Smashing Pumpkins – not Britney Spears. I mean, look at all the damage we’ve done to ourselves.”

To read the full interview, see this week’s Melody Maker, on sale in London today (December 5) and the rest of the UK tomorrow.