Smashing Pumpkins and Die Antwoord cover Bowie’s ‘Fame’ – watch

Musicians performed cover during a paris show last weekend

Footage has emerged of Smashing Pumpkins and Die Antwoord> covering David Bowie‘s 1975 classic ‘Fame’ during a show in Paris last weekend.

Though Smashing Pumpkins covered the song at a gig in Chicago in November, this was the first time they were joined by Die Antwoord’s Ninja.

Last week, Smashing Pumpkins also teamed up with Marilyn Manson to perform song ‘Ava Adore’ at their London show, as well as Manson’s new single ‘Third Day of a Seven Day Binge’.

Meanwhile, the band’s frontman Billy Corgan has been in the news this week for his comments about fellow alt-rockers Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters.

In an appearance on The Howard Stern Show promoting the Smashing Pumpkins’ new record, ‘Monuments To An Elegy’, Corgan said Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins were in their own class among 90s alt-rockers. “I think the work speaks for itself,” he said. “I know [Pearl Jam] have a tremendous fan base, and they should, they’re a great band, but I’m a Beatles guy, I’m a Stones guy, I’m a Kinks guy. To me a lot of other bands don’t have the work.”

The singer added that he wasn’t “particularly thrilled” by Foo Fighters’ lack of evolution as a band because he holds Dave Grohl to Nirvana standards. “Dave is a great musician, a great songwriter and has done the work but to me, my criticism of the Foo Fighters, if I’m being a music critic, is that they just haven’t evolved and that’s sort of the recent wrap on them is, you know, making the same music,” he said.

‘Monuments To An Elegy’ is out now.