Marilyn Manson hints at Smashing Pumpkins London gig guest spot

Artists may appear on stage together at London’s KOKO tonight (December 5)

Marilyn Manson has hinted that he may appear on stage with Smashing Pumpkins at their concert at London’s KOKO tonight (December 5).

The intimate club gig is the first British show for Smashing Pumpkins’ new touring line-up, featuring Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk and The Killers bassist Mark Stoermer as well as singer Billy Corgan and Jeff Schroeder, who has been Smashing Pumpkins’ guitarist since 2007. It previews new album ‘Monuments To An Elegy’, out on Monday (December 8).

Manson is also in London promoting his new album ‘The Pale Emperor’, which is released on January 19. He went out in London with Corgan and Courtney Love on Wednesday evening, and hinted that he will appear on stage with Corgan’s band. Manson told NME: “It’s harder for bands of our generation to make a dent. But that’s exactly why we might end up on stage together somewhere in London very soon. While we’re both here, we should do it on the spot, like ’21 Jump Street’.”

Aged 19, Manson was an extra on the original TV series of ’21 Jump Street’, the 1980s US TV crime series which launched the career of Manson’s friend Johnny Depp.

Corgan acted as a “musical consultant” on Manson’s 1998 album ‘Mechanical Animals’ and told NME he has a great deal of respect for the singer. He said: “Manson is the real deal and he has a very good new record coming out with ‘The Pale Emperor’. There are enough voices of our generation that are ready to step back forward. None of us are delusional enough to think that it’s going back to the way it once was, but there’s a place for us. We represent something that’s yet to be topped.”

The KOKO show is so far Smashing Pumpkins’ only confirmed UK concert for ‘Monuments To An Elegy’. Marilyn Manson will headline the second stage of Download Festival on June 14, the same day Kiss headline the Main Stage.