Smashing Pumpkins share new song ‘Tiberius’ – listen

The band release new album 'Monuments To An Elegy' on December 9

Smashing Pumpkins have shared a brand new song, entitled ‘Tiberius’.

Click above to listen to the track, which will feature on the band’s new album ‘Monuments To An Elegy’. The record features drumming by Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee and follows on from 2012’s ‘Oceania’, which was the band’s first LP in five years. ‘Monuments To An Elegy’ will be released on December 9, the first of two upcoming albums. ‘Tiberius’ follows the tracks ‘One And All’ and ‘Being Beige’, which have already been aired by the group.

Tommy Lee recently likened the new album to the band’s earlier work. “I think he has probably the best record he’s ever written,” Lee says. “These are like epic, goosebump songs. It sounds like the first couple of Smashing Pumpkins records. I was fucking blown away.”

Meanwhile, Corgan has revealed that he may disband the group after their two upcoming albums. “When this [new album] process is over, I’m either going to bail on this ship for good, like ‘I’m done,’ or I’m going to have a new ship to sail on,” he said.

“To go back under the Smashing Pumpkins name engendered a lot of people expecting us to be nothing more than a reunion band, playing its greatest hits, and with a fan base not particularly keen to listen to the new music. What I try to tell people that get caught up in the reunion kind of concepts – like where are the original members and stuff like this – the band was founded on an idea that it must be progressive and it must always be moving forward.”