Smashing Pumpkins’ James Iha to score James Franco’s vampire-themed TV movie

It's called 'May I Sleep With Danger' and premieres on Lifetime on June 18

Smashing Pumpkins‘ James Iha is to score James Franco’s forthcoming TV movie Mother, May I Sleep With Danger.

The feature-length film, commissioned by US network Lifetime, is a remake of a cult ’90s TV movie of the same name which starred Tori Spelling and Ivan Sergei.

Both Spelling and Ivan Sergei are returning for Franco’s Mother, May I Sleep With Danger, joined by new cast members Franco, Leila George, Emily Meade and Nick Eversman.

According to Film Music Reporter, the film will centre on a “vampire-infused, same-sex love story”.

As well as starring, Franco is serving as an executive producer on the film. Rising star Melanie Eitkenhead directs. May I Sleep With Danger? is set to premiere on Lifetime on June 18.

Back in March, James Iha reunited with Billy Corgan and Smashing Pumpkins for the first time in 16 years.

During a Pumpkins gig in Los Angeles, the guitarist joined his former bandmates to play a selection of songs from their 1993 album ‘Siamese Dream’: ‘Mayonaise,’ ‘Soma,’ ‘Rocket,’ ‘Spaceboy,’ ‘Today,’ ‘Whir,’ and ‘Disarm’.

Iha later reappeared for the encore, where Billy surprised him with a birthday cake and a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ on the day he turned 48.