Smashing Pumpkins are working on two new albums, says Jeff Schroeder

Yet another full-length will follow an upcoming double album

Billy Corgan is currently working on two separate Smashing Pumpkins albums, according to the band’s guitarist Jeff Schroeder.

Back in January, Corgan revealed that he and the group had 21 songs ready to go for a “pretty different” album. He later confirmed that sessions had begun in Nashville, and said the record would be arriving at some point in 2020.

In a recent interview, Schroeder has now claimed that Corgan has yet another Pumpkins LP under his belt.


“Billy has already started working on another new album,” he said on a recent instalment of Yamaha’s Artist Check-in with… series.

“We have actually 20 news songs coming out this year that we just finished kind of right before this [the coronavirus crisis] all started. He’s taking the time to get the ball rolling on even another new album.

“So once we can all get together and work on that we’ll try to even do some more music since there’s some time.”

You can watch the full interview with Schroeder above.

Earlier this year, Corgan explained that Smashing Pumpkins’ upcoming double project is their “first real album [since their reunion] where we’ve hunkered down and made a classic”.


“This is the first album since the album that came out in 2000, ‘Machina’, where me, James and Jimmy worked on something for a very long time,” the frontman said. “It’s got a greater conceptual base, and it’s probably a wider swath of music.”

Smashing Pumpkins’ last album ‘Shiny and Oh So Bright, Vol. 1 / LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun’ arrived in 2018. In a four-star review, NME described the LP as “a showcase of songcraft that’s allowed to breathe and reveal itself. Bring on volume two. The dream lives on.”