Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan wants to record with Kanye West

Could this work?

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has revealed that he’d open to the prospect of collaborating with Kanye West.

The 90s alt-rock icon is currently touring North America with a reunited classic Pumpkins line-up that includes guitarist James Iha and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin.

But when it comes to future music, it looks like a Kanye collaboration, unlikely as it is, shouldn’t necessarily be discounted.


During a recent Q&A on Instagram, Corgan was asked “If you could collaborate with any current artist who would it be?”

And it seems that Ye is top of the list.

“Kanye or [Alice in Chains guitarist] Jerry Cantrell.”

When subsequently asked what he thought of Kanye, Corgan replied: “Brilliant and meteoric.”

Earlier this month, it transpired that Corgan is locked in an unlikely feud with Smash Mouth after they emerged as unlikely foes, feuding over the soundtrack to Shrek.


The singer courted controversy during an Instagram Q&A by claiming that Smashing Pumpkins were first asked to provide the song that would soundtrack Shrek’s final scene.

According to the singer, he turned down an offer for their 2000 track ‘Untitled’ to play during the end scene that would eventually feature Smash Mouth’s cover of The Monkees.

But Smash Mouth weren’t so sure, responding: “If it feeds Billy’s ego to think they we’re first let him think that.”