Snail Mail postpones tour dates after being forced to undergo surgery on her vocal cords

Dates affected include US and UK shows

Snail Mail has been forced to postpone her forthcoming US and UK/European tour dates.

The singer (aka Lindsey Jordan) took to Instagram today (November 22) to reveal that she has been having problems with her voice and she is set to undergo surgery as a result.

She wrote: “I’ve been struggling with my vocal health more and more each year. I lose my voice after a couple days of singing.


“I went to see an ENT last week and they found massive polyps in my vocal cords (surprisingly from vocal trauma due to talking!! shocker lol) that need to be operated on to prevent permanent damage to my voice. The recovery time is three months/speech therapy and in an effort to make sure the rest of the tour can happen, I will be postponing our first US tour which was supposed to begin this week as well as our initial UK/Euro tour.”

Despite, postponing several dates, her 2022 North American April and May tour dates are expected to go head ahead as planned.

Earlier this month, she made her live debut on US TV, performing the title track from her debut album ‘Valentine’ on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

NME gave ‘Valentine’ a five-star review upon release, with writer El Hunt calling it “expertly curated” and noting that every song on the album “feels like a fully-realised gem”.

Hunt continued in her write-up: “As a songwriter, Jordan continues to cut straight through to the messy, conflicted, hopelessly infatuated guts of life. It’s a rare skill to pull it off so flawlessly in a signature track or two – let alone across the space of two concise records.”


Last month, Jordan joined Waxahatchee onstage during the latter’s show at Elsewhere in Brooklyn. The pair duetted a cover of Sheryl Crow’s 1993 hit ‘Strong Enough’.

Speaking about their relationship, Jordan told NME: ““I just trust her. We met early on and became friends. She’s one of my best friends in the world, and helps me with everything. I ask her a question every day. I’m so grateful for her.”

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