From David Sylvian to the genius of Scott Walker...

First Record You Can Remember

‘Guilty’Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb

“How sad is that?! I think it was, like, 1980 and my mum played it endlessly. So it was forced upon me, but I do have fond memories of being young to that record. I don’t know why! I listened to it the other day and it was like, ‘Oh dear!’ But it reminds me of a general security and lack of anxiety about everything until about the age of ten. Free and easy.”


Record That Reminds You Of School

‘(Hey You) The RockSteady Crew’ – The RockSteady Crew

“I was a young breakdancer and I used to get the lino and the beatbox out! I didn’t have the backward baseball cap though, I wasn’t quite as clued up as that! I remember going to my uncle’s wedding and they played it and there was this 40-year-old guy who was into robotics so we had this burn-out!! I must have been about nine and he was 40! And there was this tragic scene of young versus old. I got him in the end, though! I won! It’s a bit sad really.”

Record That Evokes The Greatest Summer Of Your Life

‘It’s Raining Today’ – Scott Walker

“About two or three years ago we were off touring the world. I had this on my headphones and we were flying over Tokyo. I just remember thinking, ‘My God! I’m in a fairy tale!’ That ultimate feeling of, ‘I don’t deserve this’. Whenever I listen to that, it reminds me of feeling that I didn’t mind if the plane went down right then because I was the happiest I’ve ever been. That sense of well-being.”


Record For A Night On The Tiles

‘Shut ‘Em Down’ – Public Enemy

“We’d put it on before we went onstage and it’d get us really fired up. Then we’d come off and get fucked out of our heads and put it on really loud! It’s just one of those really ballsy tracks that gets you going and gets your blood flying. I rarely go out that much though. I’m not a big clubber so it’s not like I’d stick some trance on or something. I’d much prefer to go to a hip-hop club and jump around to that.”

Record That Inspired You To Form A Band

‘Brilliant Trees’ – David Sylvian

“I think it was just so heavily indulgent that it really helped me understand that the best way to get over repressed Englishness was to communicate through music. Putting your emotions down on paper was so much easier than communicating in the flesh, you know! Before that track, I’d actually been doing astrophysics!! So it was like, ‘What do I do, do I choose astrophysics or do I choose music?’ Mmmm! What do you think?!

“My uncle really pushed this record on me for some reason and I hated it at first. And then years later I just thought, ‘My God, that’s a fantastic record’. I suppose it was around the time of college when I was starting to do bits and bobs of music in a home studio with Liam (Howe, fellow Pimp) that I really got into it and I realised this was the only way to communicate.”

Record Guaranteed To Clear The Tourbus

Martine McCutcheon

“Apart from most records of late, probably something like Martine McCutcheon – which would clear us all off because it’s just a crime to humanity and art and youth and everything! It’s just disgusting that this music exists! Anything that’s commercial tragedy would get rid of us all, definitely.”

New Year’s Eve, 1999 – What’s On The Hi-Fi? ‘Hi-Fi’ – Robots In Disguise

“It’s this demo we got through ‘cos we’re starting off this little label called Splinter Records. I’m just sick of the whole record industry and the only way to survive and make money is to be autonomous. So we’re starting this label and we’ve just got this demo by a band called Robots In Disguise. It’s really good and I think that’s probably what I’m going to be listening to. They’re two girls and floating around drummers and they’re very odd and quirky, sort of mixing technology with folk and stuff. I also chose it because of the question and the fact that the track was called ‘Hi-Fi’!!”

Record You Would Like Played At Your Funeral

‘End Of World’ – Kathy Smith

“The obvious magnitude of loss would be reflected in the title, I hope! No, I’m joking, but I do like that song and it’s not as depressing as the title would make you think. It’s quite a breezy, folky-jazzy track to leave on.”