Snoop Dogg busted for marijuana possession in Norway

The rapper was fined while on his way to the Hove festival

Snoop Dogg was fined earlier today (June 28) for possession of marijuana at Kjevic Airport customs in Kristiansand.

The rapper was found to have eight grams of weed on him, but, reports TMZ, local laws state that “anything less than 15 grams is merely punishable by a fine”.

He was charged 12,000 Norwegian Krone (£1277.52) and was reportedly cooperative with the authorities and quick to pay his fine. Snoop Dogg plays tonight at the Hove festival in Norway. He then visits London Pleasure Gardens on July 6 as part of Bloc 2012.

The rapper recently teamed up with fellow weed advocate Willie Nelson to record a track titled ‘Roll Me Up’ that celebrates smoking cannabis. The track was released on April 20 to mark the American counterculture holiday ‘4/20’, in which marijuana users congregate.

Snoop Dogg’s affection for cannabis is well-documented, but his fondness for the drug has often landed him in hot water. In December last year, the rapper was sued by a Lebanese concert promoter for allegedly smoking weed in a Middle East club in 2009, and he was also arrested in Texas in January of this year after authorities searched his tour bus and found three prescription bottles filled with marijuana cigarettes.