‘Celebrity Big Brother’ after Snoop Dogg and Tim Westwood

Channel 5 are trying to recruit Charlie Sheen too

Snoop Dogg has been asked by Channel 5 chiefs to appear on the next series of Celebrity Big Brother – according to UK rap radio don Tim Westwood.

Westwood tweeted from Twitter.com/timwestwood that he’d been asked to take part in the show, which is moving from Channel 4 to its new home this August. The BBC Radio 1 man wrote that he’d be up for heading in the camera-laden Big Brother house if Snoop agrees to go in too.

“They asked me to do Ch5 Celebrity Big Brother,” he wrote. “Snoop Dogg said they talkin’ to him. If he goes in – I’m goin’ in! It’ll be the Dawg House!”

Actor Charlie Sheen, who Snoop recently released a single with, and retail/football mogul Mohamed Al Fayed have also reportedly been in talks with TV bosses about appearing on the show.