Snoop Dogg snubbed Prince William’s stag party – but gave him marriage advice

Rapper also declares that Charlie Sheen is 'a genius'

Snoop Dogg has revealed he turned down the chance to play at Prince William‘s stag party.

The rapper confirmed that he was asked to perform the David Guetta remix version of his Top 10 hit ‘Sweat’ at the bash, but declined due to a prior engagement.

“I had a barbeque to attend, so I couldn’t make it,” the rapper revealed on The Graham Norton Show last night (May 20).

Despite his snub, Snoop said he was happy to dispense relationship advice to William ahead of his marriage to Kate Middleton.

Asked by Norton whether he had given William a pep talk ahead of the nuptials, the hip-hop star commented: “Yeah, I’ve been married 14 – going on 15 – years, so I know what I’m doing.”

“Trying to build a relationship with someone who sees you on television and tries to base their life off of who you are is not real. You need someone who knows who you really are,” he advised.

Snoop also spoke about ‘Winning’, his recent collaboration with controversial actor Charlie Sheen.

Charlie‘s been my homie for a long, long time, so to be a part of his move at the moment is a beautiful thing. I’m loving how people think he’s crazy, but really he’s not,” the rapper remarked.

“He’s just a genius.”