Snoop Dogg: ‘I’d love to play Benny Hill in a movie’

Rapper says cheeky 1970s comedian was 'ahead of his time'

Snoop Dogg has professed his admiration for Benny Hill and said he’d love to play the 1970s comedian in a film.

The rapper said that Hill is one of his favourite entertainers “of aaall time” and paid tribute to his comic timing and madcap sketches.

“Like, the way Benny did it, he was just amazing. Just seeing how he put songs together and comedy and the timing and the sketches. He was way ahead of his time,” Snoop told The Observer.

Joking about how he’d approach the role of Hill (pictured right) in a film, the hip-hop star added: “I’ll even paint my face white.”

Although Hill and Snoop may not initially appear to have much in common, one thing they do share is that they’ve both been criticised by feminists.

Hill attracted criticism for his apparently sexist routines in the 1970s and ’80s, which saw him chase scantily clad women to a trademark saxophone soundtrack. He died in 1992.

Meanwhile, Snoop‘s lyrics have been criticised for being apparently sexist and misogynistic.

Hill‘s other celebrity fans have included Michael Jackson, who said that the entertainer was “so funny” during an interview in the 1970s.