Snoop Dogg has a ‘smoke’ with grower of world’s heaviest swede

Rapper also hit the Playboy Club with footballer Ashley Cole

Snoop Dogg enjoyed a ‘smoke’ with 68-year-old farmer Ian Neale, grower of the world’s heaviest swede, backstage at his gig in Cardiff last weekend (October 8).

Neale told the Daily Star that the rapper had shared a roll-up with him after his show at Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena – and claimed that they weren’t just smoking tobacco.

Snoop had invited the farmer to his concert after being impressed by his world-record breaking swede, which weighs a hefty 85.5lb, in the hope of receiving some gardening tips.

Appearing on YouTube dressed in a Cardiff City shirt and standing in front of a background of cannabis plants, Snoop gave a “shout out” to Neale, adding: “When I do my show in Cardiff, I want you to come backstage and see me because I do vegetation myself and I want to know your secret.”

After meeting Snoop backstage at the show, Neale said: “I had a smoke with him. I don’t smoke but he offered me one so I had one. “

When asked if the roll-up contained just tobacco, he replied:

No it wasn’t!

Although Neale was happy to give the rapper gardening tips, he was less impressed with his music, adding: “I wouldn’t pay to see him. I’m still deaf.”

According to the Daily Mirror, Snoop Dogg was also recently spotted at London’s Playboy Club with Chelsea and England footballer Ashley Cole.