Snoop Dogg to shoot ‘stoner comedy’ film ‘High School’ in May

Rapper teaming up with Wiz Khalifa for new movie

Snoop Dogg is set to start work on a new “stoner movie” called High School in May.

The rapper has teamed up with hip-hop newcomer Wiz Khalifa for the project, which the pair conceived while making music together.

“Just being a fan of his music and likewise, he called me to be on a remix,” Snoop told Billboard. “From the remix we became close friends and spent time together… [we] made six or seven songs and created an idea to do a movie and a soundtrack, and just a bond – to build a friendship and build a brotherhood.”

He described the film as “a comedy stoner movie, a little something for the stoners.”

A release plan for the movie has not been revealed yet.

Snoop was chatting after his performance at Austin’s South By Southwest festival on Saturday (March 19). He was joined by guests including P Diddy and Warren G at the show.