Snoop Dogg’s spelling mistake brings global fame to Romanian village

It's Bogotá, not Bogata...

A small Romanian village has reached the world’s attention thanks to a spelling error made by Snoop Dogg.

The rapper was visiting the Colombian capital, Bogotá on Monday (March 14), when he tagged himself in Bogata, a village thousands of miles away in the region of Transylvania.

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Romanian Instagram users first noticed the mistake, which was soon picked up on by a local tourism site Visit Bogata, whose new tag line, “best place for chillin’”, is based on the rapper’s error.

After being alerted to his mistake, Snoop then compared it to the botched Miss Universe announcement by Steve Harvey in December 2015, before promising to come to Bogata. Writing on Twitter and Instagram, he said, “I just steve harveyed my own chit hahahhaha ! shoutout to my romanian fans, tha boss dogg comn thru real soon !!! #visitbogata”

According to Balkan Insider, has spoken to Bogata’s villagers, many of whose reactions to the place’s new-found fame was nonplussed. “I don’t know how this singer – whoever he is – could make such a mistake. Bogota is one thing, Bogata something different,” said Ioan, a 61-year-old villager.

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that Snoop Dogg has launched own cannabis company called ‘Leafs By Snoop’. The Colorado-based company will sell “the finest quality cannabis one could imagine”, according to a press statement.

“Wherever my musical journey has taken me around the world, it’s beautiful to see how chronic leafs are a common source of peace, love and soul that connects us all,” Snoop Dogg says in a statement on the company’s official website.

Leafs By Snoop products will be sold at licensed Colorado cannabis shop LivWell before being introduced at other stores. The state of Colorado legalised both medical and recreational use of marijuana in 2012.