Columbia Pictures have issued a writ against Doggy Style Records over the cover of Doggy's Angels' single - but the label insists they're only poking fun at popular culture...

SNOOP DOGG’s label imprint DOGGY STYLE RECORDS and distributor TVT RECORDS have come out fighting in the face of a lawsuit issued against them by film giant COLUMBIA PICTURES.

As reported previously on NME.COM (December 5), Columbia issued a 54-page suit against Doggy Style and TVT alleging that the cover art of rap trio’s single ‘Baby, If You’re Ready’ infringed copyright on the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ logo. It also states that the song’s “explicit lyrics” are “likely to tarnish the reputation and good will associated with the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ mark and logos.”

In a statement issued yesterday (December 7) TVT Records fought back saying: “We feel the name and imagery of Doggy’s Angels clearly pokes fun at a classic of American pop culture, but does not confuse the public with the real thing. The girls in the group are as far away from Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith as can be. In the end Doggy’s Angels will succeed based on their music and their music alone. The new single ‘Baby If You’re Ready’ has been the Number One selling hip-hop single three weeks running because hip-hop fans love the song — end of story.”


You can read an interview with Doggy’s Angels –

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