Snoop Dogg cleared over hitting fan

But fan awarded almost £300,000 in damages

Snoop Dogg has been cleared over hitting a fan during his Seattle gig in 2005.

Gig-goer Richard Monroe Jr told a court in Santa Monica that he had been “left for dead” after being beaten by security guards when he jumped onstage during the gig.

Monroe also claimed that Snoop Dogg had hit him with a microphone with a knuckle-duster handle, although the 12-person jury cleared the rapper of assault after watching video footage of the incident.

Instead, Snoop Dogg‘s record company Doggystyle – along with rapper Soopafly and other unnamed parties – was forced to pay Monroe $449,400 (£295,950) in damages.

Snoop Dogg said he went straight from the stage to his tour bus when Monroe appeared onstage, reports BBC.

Monroe had originally asked for $22m (£14.5m) in damages. He said he originally thought Snoop Dogg had invited fans onstage during his song ‘Gin And Juice’.