Snoop Dogg awarded visa after judge overturns denial

Rapper cleared of any wrong-doing at Heathrow airport

Snoop Dogg has been granted a visa to enter the UK after a judge overturned a decision to deny him one.

The rapper had been denied a visa after an incident at Heathrow Airport in 2006, where the rapper and his entourage were allegedly involved in a fracas with police.

However, judge Neha Bird overturned the decision yesterday (April 23), saying that there was no evidence that the star had been involved in any wrong-doing.

Bird watched DVD footage of the rapper quietly playing with children at the airport, then later being pushed by a police officer without retaliating, reports The Guardian. Dogg was filmed being cuffed on the ground without resisting.

“The children were laughing and enjoying either dancing or singing or playing music,” said Bird. The judge decided that the disorder reported was “precipitated by the decisions made by BA staff and the police”.

The Home Office is considering whether to take the case to the Court of Appeal.