Snoop Dogg arrested at US airport

Rapper faces drugs and gun charges

Snoop Dogg has been arrested on suspicion of drugs and gun possession at a US airport.

The rapper was allegedly caught with a quantity of cannabis and a firearm by police at California‘s Bob Hope airport after he was stopped for parking in a loading area.

Charges are yet to be brought against the rapper but he was ordered to pay a bail fee of $35,000 (£18,500). He is due to appear in court on December 12, reports BBC News.


But Snoop Dogg‘s lawyer Donald Etra believes that the case will be resolved before the case goes to court.

He said: “There was no basis for this arrest. We believe that once this is cleared up, all charges will be dismissed.”

This is the third time in the past year Snoop Dogg has been stopped by police at an airport.

Last month, a collapsible truncheon was found in his baggage as the star boarded a flight to New York.

Earlier this year he was cautioned after a brawl broke out at London‘s Heathrow Airport.

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