Sean Paul reveals new album details

The star will feature heavier themes on new material

Sean Paul has been working on the as yet untitled follow-up to his 2005 album ’The Trinity’.

And Paul has also revealed the lyrical tone of the album is darker than his previous effort.

He said: “The content is just a little different than what people expect from me. (On) one of two of the songs…it’s not about partying, it’s not about ladies; it’s about the kids with guns in the streets. It’s more reality.

“I feel like I have things to say. And that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

Paul has named one new song ’Sufferer’ and confirmed that it would feature on the album.

He has also collaborated with Snoop Dogg on a remix of Akon’s new song ’I Wanna Love You’.

A date has yet to be confirmed for either release.