Three of the biggest names in rap join forces as 213...

Hip-hop supergroup 213, which features SNOOP DOGG, NATE DOGG, and WARREN G, will finally release their debut album on July 20.

’The Hard Way’ has taken the band over 12 years to make, as solo projects have interfered with the collectives work. Named after their West Coast hometown Long Beach’s area code, the album has taken that long to make the code no longer exists.

“[We] started in like the late ’80s, early ’90s, just around the neighbourhood putting it down,” Warren G explained to MTV. “I was on the turntables, Snoop was rappin’, Nate was singin’. We kept striving and striving and striving.”

“Music right now is missing a sound like this,” he continued. “All of us coming together and putting our projects on the back burner to make this happen is only going to enlighten our solo careers. And it’s fun to do because we’re homeboys and always dreamed of it. So why wait till we’re 37 or 50 years old and no one wants to hear us anymore? Why not do it when we in our prime?”

Snoop also explained the thinking behind the 213 track ’Groupy Luv’. “We’re trying to find groupie love. That means beautiful girls who want to become video stars aspiring to do something with their careers. We can give you that upliftment. We can get you in the video.”

The band plan to tour the US in June, and say they will perform their solo hits, as well as 213 material.