A newspaper reports that all three artists have been summoned to appear in court soon on a charge of 'using indecent language' - but the rappers are unlikely to appear...

Rappers SNOOP DOGG and JA RULE and Jamaican DJ BEENIE MAN, are reported to have landed themselves in hot water in JAMAICA, after allegedly using profanity on stage.

The Jamaican Observer newspaper (September 1) reports that summons for all three have been prepared with the artists scheduled to appear at the local Montego Bay Resident Magistrate’s Court on September 27, on a charge of ‘using indecent language’. Profanity in public places is banned in Jamaica.

The charges stem from a recent appearance at a reggae festival on the island. However, deputy superintendent Roy Boyd, who works in the area, thinks it unlikely the rappers will appear in court.


He said: “The summonses were prepared, but you know they are international artistes and don’t live in this country. And what it would take to bring them back for this charge isn’t really worth it because we don’t have extradition arrangements for indecent language charges. But we prepared them and in case they do grace these shores again it will surely be enforced.

“If they are gentlemen they will come and face up to it, but I’m now seeing if their booking agent can get in touch with them and find out what is their thinking, and what they’ll decide to do. Maybe the agency can get a lawyer out here to represent them.”