Filming will start next November or January if all goes to plan...

Snoop Dogg is being lined up to star in a film version of cult late-’70s TV show ‘STARSKY AND HUTCH’.

Snoop Dogg has been approached to play the role of hustler and informer Huggy Bear. Ben Stiller will be playing Starsky, while producer and writer Todd Phillips hopes to secure Owen Wilson as Hutch.

Phillips is currently working on a comedy, ‘Old School’, in which [a][/a] has a cameo. As reported on, Phillips said: “I talked to him on the set of ‘Old School’ about [playing Huggy Bear] and he was very into the idea, though again no deals have been made.”

‘Starsky And Hutch’ will start fillming in either November or January. It will be an action comedy with the accent on the comedy.