Krays associate Dave Courtney becomes the rapper's unlikely collaborator...

Gangsta Rap veteran SNOOP DOGG is to collaborate on a track with LONDON celebrity gangster DAVE COURTNEY.

The song, ‘The Unwritten Rules Of The Courtroom’, has been written by Courtney and is now with Snoop awaiting his finishing touches. According to Courtney, it will be performed live for the first time in November with the pair joined onstage by hip-hop heavyweight Dr Dre.

The London hardman met Snoop through their mutual friend [a][/a] at an event in New York’s Central Park on July 4, 2000.

Snoop and his crew became interested in Courtney, the gangster claims, because of his underworld connections. Courtney, an old school East End criminal, is a former associate of the Krays, who rose to fame trading on the notoriety of his gangster past. It was Courtney who Vinnie Jones’ character was modelled on in ‘Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels’ and Courtney himself had a part in ‘Snatch’. He now tours the country with his stand-up show, ‘An Audience With…’.

“They think I’m a bigger gangster than I am,” he told NME.COM. “They’re gangsta rappers and I’m the real thing. But the better known you are, the less naughty you can be. I don’t even have Rizlas in the house.”

Courtney delivered his rap for the track to Snoop two months ago in Las Vegas.

“I was out there to get married and we just hung out,” he said. “I’m running a little porn company in LA and Snoop sometimes uses my girls in his videos. They’re party people, sit around smoking weed all day. It was great. Dre wasn’t there, but he wants to do the song in November. The people who put together the ‘Up In Smoke’ tour video for them all last year are looking after where and when we’ll sing.”

Courtney added that ‘The Unwritten Rules Of The Courtroom’ would appear both on an album he was currently making, as well as on Snoop’s next record.

“My kids are very excited,” he added. “They have posters of that lot all over the house.”

Courtney releases a new video, ‘Dave Courtney’s Gangland UK’, detailing his dark past, on July 22.