Chiefs have also thrown in a private jet and a luxury hotel suite - even if the rap star only plays 15 minutes...

GATECRASHER organisers have confirmed that they have offered SNOOP DOGG half a million pounds, a private jet and a luxury hotel suite in a bid to tempt him to play at the event on June 16.

The dance event takes place at Turweston Park in Northants, and organisers say they will do whatever it takes to persuade the rapper to take up the offer.

“We have put in an offer for that amount of money and we are waiting for his response, but we do hope that he’ll join the line-up. It’s increasing every day and we are hopeful that we will be able to confirm it very soon,” a spokesperson told NME.COM.


“We will do whatever we can to get him, we don’t mind if it’s just a 15-minute set – though if he does it, we think he will do longer.”

The spokesperson revealed that negotiations have been ongoing since they started to book acts for the line-up, adding: “We’ve been talking to him constantly and the deal is getting closer to completion. Everyone involved is really excited about it.”

According to today’s (June 5) Daily Star, Craig David, who is also appearing, persuaded organisers to make the bid to get the rapper to appear.

The newspaper quotes an insider as saying: “Craig badgered the organisers over and over again to get him on-side. In the end, they agreed.”

The spokesperson confirmed: “When Craig signed up he wanted a certain amount of black US talent on the bill, which is why we got Mos Def. Snoop is the ultimate rap talent, and we’ll do whatever it takes to bring him here.”